True self-care means non-judgmentally paying attention to your needs and compassionately meeting them. Mindful self-care aims to change your relationship with yourself and building a narrative of self-worth.


body Image

Learn how to build a healthy relationship with your body

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intro to intuitive eating

Intuitive Eating aims to reconnect us to instinct and intuition. Intuitive Eating aims to get you back in touch with your body’s own signals. No more rules. No more punishment. No more counting. No more black or white thinking. It's is about listening to all of the messages your body gives you and striving to feel good in your body as a result of your food choices. 


intro to mindfulness

Tune into this one hour course where Tiffany Roe, Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Founder of Mindful Counseling, teaches you the "why" and "how" of a relatable mindfulness practice. Learn simple and applicable ways to use mindfulness in your everyday life.



Communication Audio Course! In this 1 hour communication lecture, you will learn real skills and tools to improve your communication today.


emotional regulation

The skills that allow you to manage and direct your emotions are called emotion regulation skills. Do you recognize what emotions typically overwhelm you? Do you feel limited in your ability to regulate and cope with strong emotions? This course packs six months of therapeutic psycho-education into a one hour webinar! This is your crash course in all things emotional regulation.

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eating disorder recovery

full recovery is possible. Grab a pen and notepad and let's talk about recovery! This course is for people suffering from eating disorders, people in recovery, people with disordered eating, loved ones concerned for these people who want to learn more, counselors, professionals with eating disorder clients, and future clinicians who want additional information, education, and resources to support recovery from an eating disorder.


recovery bundle

This course bundle includes the following courses to help you make peace with your mind, body, and food while in recovery from disordered eating, and eating disorder, or diet culture! Intuitive Eating, Perfectionism and Self-Love, Body Image, Eating Disorder Recovery.


mental health bundle

This bundle includes all six mental health courses offered on the Therapy Thoughts school. This is 6 hours of video curriculum along with audio tracks and supplemental resources to improve your mental health. Mindfulness, self-care, emotional regulation, body image, intuitive eating, perfectionism & self love.


perfectionism + Self love

Do you find you are a victim to endless criticism, judgment, and unrealistic expectations from yourself? Is it hard to tap into self-worth, self-esteem, and self-love? In this 1 hour lecture we explore how to heal the wounds which lead to perfectionism & how to develop self-love.

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navigating an lds faith-based transition

This is a course for individuals experiencing a LDS faith-based transition, including questioning or having a crisis of faith, as well as for loved one's who care about people going through a change of faith, membership, or change in religious belief.