Feel, Deal, Heal Fam


Feel deal heal means I don’t rush through hard things just to see the positive. It means I don’t invalidate myself. I don’t try and make it better. I don’t resist. I fully accept and allow the hard shit to be felt because that’s what it means to be alive. That’s the feel.

Last week I wouldn’t have written these affirmations.

Today I totally can because I’m flexing my “deal” muscle. It’s just naturally where I am. I’m not forcing it. I’m not rushing it. I’m not done feeling, because feel deal heal is cyclical and circular. But today I’m sitting here waiting for a flight and really thinking about acceptance. I’m thinking about non-resistance. I’m thinking about letting go of resistance to what is. I’m thinking about serenity and what that means. I’m thinking about trusting the process, because inner-peace is in my top 5 values. I’m also feeling powerful because I can choose to be mindful, and that’s straight up dope.

I’ve had a migraine and ya know, it’s not even knocking me out (thanks for all your suggestions 💓) so I’m even grateful for that. I feel deal heal on my own terms, not for other people. I hope my process empowers you to do what you need to so you can unapologetically get your own back.

I hope you see a therapist, a recovered woman over here, not preaching some message to you from a pedestal like “I used to have it hard now I’m up here.” I don’t trust those people. I hope you see that good mental health doesn’t mean freedom from struggle; it means we feel deal heal, fam. I’m in it with you.

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