Sometimes When It Sucks, You Just Have To Sit In The Suck

Most of my clients have heard me say this.

Sometimes ... You gotta sit in the suck y'all.

I imagine a big old tub full of anxiety, worry, fear, stress, & angst. Cozy up and have a seat and just sit with it all. Don't avoid or push it away. Let it come and go. Sit with it. Honor it. Rinse. Repeat. Then dry off and move on. 🖤

I'm not saying we need to ruminate, fixate, or hold onto emotions. I'm saying it's necessary to feel. It's okay to acknowledge and give space for hard emotions. Don't AVOID them and NUMB out. Sit with them. It's good to build resilience and to get comfortable ::feeeeeling::🖤

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Therapy and tacos for all,

T. Roe

Tiffany Roe